Corona Films is happy to provide product samples by request. Contact us so that we can discuss your application and product needs and provide you with the appropriate paper product.



"The product will speak for itself."


Corona Films Incorporated is a leading manufacturer of capacitor grade mica paper. 


A wide variety of controlled test procedures and over 40 years of experience provide customers with the best mica paper at the lowest possible price. 

We specialize in thin sheets from 1/2 mils and any thickness between.​

Corona Films Townsend Massachusetts

Corona Films

241 Dudley Road West Townsend MA ​01474

 Phone: 978-597-6444

Fax: 978-597-5685

Corona Films Townsend Massachusetts

241 Dudley Road West Townsend MA ​01474


Phone: 978-597-6444  Fax: 978-597-5685



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