Corona Films Incorporated is a leading manufacturer of capacitor grade mica paper. 


A wide variety of controlled test procedures and over 40 years of experience provide customers with the best mica paper at the lowest possible price. 

We specialize in thin sheets from 1/2 mils and any thickness between.​

Mica is used in our capacitor paper because of it's outstanding electrical and thermal properties.  Our mica paper starts out as 100 % muscovite mica.  After cleaning, the mica goes through a special manufacturing process to insure proper flake size and pulp consistency.


Widths: 1/2 inch up to 20 inches, all rolls are slit to order

Shipping: Freight Collect

Returns: By approval of spindles and pads


To confirm phone orders, please fax copy of Purchase Order

Phone: 978-597-6444

Fax: 978-597-5685

Mica Paper producer Townsend Massachusetts

Our Hallmark: Quality Customer Service


Our Proven Quality has been assured by both our own internal quality assurance programs as well as regular testing. We consistently meet or exceed all standards for Capacitance, D/F, Resistance, and Voltage Breakdown. We regularly assure proper testing of Weight samples and Caliper samples. 



Quick Turnaround Time

Receive delivery of your order in 3 to 4 days.



Emergency Service!

If required, orders up to 500 lbs. can be shipped overnight!



Very Competitive Prices!

Compare us and you will find significant saving.



Any Order Size!

One roll and up.



Other Service Capabilities

Slitting Tolerance, Caliper Tolerance, Narrow Width Rolls

Now using BURNER BOOSTER technology.....

We're going GREEN! 

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Corona Films Townsend Massachusetts

Corona Films

241 Dudley Road West Townsend MA ​01474

 Phone: 978-597-6444

Fax: 978-597-5685

Corona Films Townsend Massachusetts

241 Dudley Road West Townsend MA ​01474


Phone: 978-597-6444  Fax: 978-597-5685



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